New Year, New Health Strategies Approved in New York

New York State Embarks on Transformative Healthcare Initiative with Medicaid 1115 Waiver On January 10th, in a landmark decision poised to reshape healthcare delivery, New York State has secured approval for a significant amendment to its Medicaid program, signifying a proactive step towards addressing health inequities and social needs. The 1115 Waiver, a specialized federal approval, empowers the state to test innovative strategies that veer from traditional Medicaid rules, with an ambitious budget allocation of $7.5 billion spread over the next three years. Key Highlights of the Waiver: Addressing Social and Health Needs:1 The waivers main strategy focus is [...]

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Nutrition Therapy Between Hospital & home

Nutrition Therapy between hospital & home. Why is nutrition important after a hospital stay? Research demonstrates improved health outcomes with those who are compliant with post-hospitalization nutrition regimens.

Social Determinants of Health & Nutrition

What are social determinants of health? Conditions within which individuals reside, work and learn that play a role in their risk for health outcomes. The five domains include Access to Quality, Social & Community Context, Economic & Financial Stability, Neighborhood & Built Environment & Access to Healthcare

Five Ways to Boost Immunity Naturally

By Monica Hollifield, MSDN, RDN The pandemic has brought about changes to the way consumers shop and what they’re choosing to put into their cart. Concern over the Coronavirus has pushed consumers to seek immune-boosting products and to turn towards [...]

The Link Between Vitamin D and COVID-19

By Monica Hollifield, MSDN, RDN Since the pandemic began, it has been a challenge for healthcare providers and scientists to work out why some people are more susceptible to infection by the Coronavirus than others. Comorbidities such as obesity, diabetes [...]

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