Customizable Benefit Solutions

Help your members live happier and healthier lives.

We provide complete customization so you can offer your members convenient access to the healthy food choices they need.

For example, the prepared meals benefit can be integrated with our fresh produce and grocery benefit, offered on a standalone basis, or included as part of a flex card program. Any one or more programs can be implemented to best suit your health plan’s needs.

Plan 1 – Combination

Fresh Produce
1 box per month
Fresh Prepared Meals
2 meals per day for up to 14 days, 4 times per benefit year post-discharge
$50-$250 monthly

Plan 2 – FLEX

$30 per month

Plan 3 – Standalone

Fresh Prepared Meals
56 meals every 28 days, per benefit year post-discharge

Plan 4 – Standalone

Fresh Prepared Meals
14 meals per week for up to 4 weeks, per benefit year post-discharge

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