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The Importance of Diet-Specific Meal Plans for Seniors

Diet-sensitive meal plans can help seniors eat well and lead a high quality of life while supporting healthy bodily function.

As we age, what we eat becomes more important each day. For many aging adults, some foods we once enjoy become completely off-the-menu because of health conditions that mandate a change in diet and/or lifestyle.

This is why, at DeliverLean Care, we strive to create delicious meals that support seniors’ dietary needs. You should not have to feel like you’re giving up the flavors and dining experiences you love because you need to more closely monitor your dietary health. We can offer alternatives to some of your favorite dishes that still come packed full of flavor, freshness, and all without requiring any preparation beyond a microwave oven.

Why Are Diet Meal Plans Important?

Many seniors experience difficulty preparing foods from scratch as they age. Weakened muscles, eyesight difficulties, and other challenges may cause stress and negatively affect their willingness to cook their own meals.

Because many processed, unhealthy foods present themselves as convenient “heat-and-eat” options, this may motivate many seniors to opt for these options as an easier alternative than cooking in a pan or baking in the oven. However, frequent consumption of these types of packaged foods may result in negative health consequences later on due to factors like high sodium levels and low amounts of nutrients.

Instead, we aim to challenge the notion that “heat-and-eat” food can’t be prepared fresh and delivered straight to a senior’s door. By partnering with chefs and working with industry-leading transportation partners, we are able to serve fresh, complete, and unprocessed meals to our aging neighbors all throughout the United States that require no more than warming in the microwave to enjoy.

Are you considering a diet meal plan for yourself or a senior loved one? Here are some of the options that we offer:

Diabetic Diet Meal Plan

For those experiencing diabetes, grocery shopping and cooking can become stressful activities. Instead of worrying about reading the nutrition facts on every label at the store, we can deliver meals to your door that are crafted specifically for diabetic lifestyles. All you have to do is heat, eat, and enjoy fresh food that supports your overall health and wellness goals!

Kosher Meal Plan

Kosher food preparation techniques are revered across the culinary for their cleanliness and attention to detail. This explains why many people within and outside of the Jewish faith both love kosher foods for the quality of the food that results from these traditions.

At our central facility, we maintain a completely separate kosher kitchen that respects the highest preparation and cleanliness standards for our Jewish customers. You do not have to worry about your food being touched by equipment that handled other meal plans.

Plant-Based Diet and Vegetarian Meal Plan

Plant-based and vegetarian meal plans have steadily risen in demand as more people adopt these diets. A vegan or vegetarian diet can provide many wellness and lifestyle benefits as well as support healthy cardiovascular and digestive function.

To ensure you are receiving a flavorful plant-based experience, we source the freshest, never frozen ingredients possible. Our chefs then combine them to create a gourmet dish that even our meat-eating customers say they love. For those who may want to try something new and healthy at the same time, consider trying a vegan or vegetarian meal!

Low-Sodium Diet Meal Plan

Regulating your sodium levels supports heart health and body fluid regulation. We can provide sodium-controlled meals that are designed to support your dietary needs without sacrificing on delicious, savory flavors. Our fresh ingredients allow for the natural flavors to shine through rather than relying on salt to enhance the taste.

Want to Sample 10 of Our Meals?

Our 10-Day Sample Meal Box allows customers to try a variety of our meal solutions to determine if chef-prepared meal delivery is right for them. You can sign up for a 10-day sample box at any time with no long-term commitment. This allows you plenty of time to try our food and decide if it’s best for your needs.

You can also shop our meal solutions at any time by checking out our Food Cards here.

Note: DeliverLean Care is covered by most insurance providers, including Avmed Humana and Care Plus. If you would like more information regarding this, please contact your insurance provider or reach out to us for more information. 

Published On: January 26, 2021By